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Case Study:Shoe Boutique

The Challenge

The client, a designer shoe boutique based in New York City, designs and sells high-end women’s shoes online and in-store.

They approached Coffeepot Digital towards the end of 2016 as their paid marketing campaigns at the time were having substantially less impact due to increased competition and higher cost-per-click.

It was our objective to make these more efficient and to explore other marketing avenues to increase web traffic and eCommerce sales.

The strategy

After carrying out a full PPC audit, we began by refining Google AdWords campaigns with smarter use of negative keywords and A/B testing different ad copy.

Google AdWords

We knew that the client already had an impressive organic engagement rate on Instagram, but had never tried paid ads. Experience told us that remarketing was an effective way to reach people who were already interested in the product, and therefore more likely to convert, so as well as Facebook advertising and PPC, we incorporated Instagram remarketing ads into our strategy.

The Results

Digital marketing spend across all campaigns (Google AdWords and paid social) increased slightly in 2017, but the year-on-year revenue generated was over 55%.


Instagram ads in particular exceeded expectations, with an average return on ad spend of 622.27%.

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