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Posted by Katherine

How to Write Potent Ad Copy for PPC [Infographic]

Writing copy for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is something that took me a little while to get my head around, but it’s really nothing to be scared of. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are with paid search marketing, if you want to create successful AdWords campaigns, you’d better brush up on your copywriting knowledge!

Fortunately for you, we know more than a thing or two about creating profitable Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Find out how to write PPC ad copy effectively and generate a higher return on your investment by viewing our infographic below, or call us directly on 0161 236 0390 for expert PPC management in Manchester!

PPC services ad copy infographic9 PPC Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Cost Per Click!


1 Keep it neat

You don’t get much space, so make every word count. Get to the point quickly with clear-cut, engaging copy.

2 Include the search query in the ad

Relevancy is crucial to successful AdWords campaigns, so ensure the search query, or your keyword, features in the ad for optimal results.

3 Write a killer CTA

A Call-To-Action motivates your read to do something. A popular eCommerce CTA is ‘Shop now!’, but read up on CTAs to suit your objective.

4 What do searchers want?

Understand what their primary desires are and tailor your ad copy so that it directly responds to those desires.

5 Include discounts and offers

We all like a good deal. Combine your CTA with an offer that they can’t resist for an unbeatable PPC ad.

6 Enhance your ad with extensions

Ad extensions are additional bits of helpful information for your customers. Include a ‘call’ button or sitelinks to your ad for free. Find out more about ad extensions for AdWords with this short video by Google:

7 Test your ads regularly

To perfect your ad copy and improve the performance of your PPC campaign, you’ll need to experiment and run some tests.

8 What makes you different?

If you’re bidding on a highly competitive keyword, you need to highlight the benefits of a user clicking on your ad fast, otherwise you might lose them to a competitor (and nobody business wants that!).

9 Decrease your cost per click by improving your quality score

To make the most of your PPC budget and increase your conversion rate, you’ll need to improve your quality score with a relevant, user-friendly landing page.

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