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Posted by Katherine

Subtitled Facebook videos and other smart ways to increase social media engagement

I grew up watching films and TV shows with the subtitles on. My Dad is profoundly deaf, so if somebody mistakenly brought home a videotape or a DVD that didn’t have subtitles, the whole family had to watch something else instead (usually Ground Force on Sunday!). This occasionally led to doors being slammed, but more than anything we all quickly became adept at scanning the small print on the back of videotape and DVD cases.

In this post we’ll look at numerous ways you can boost your engagement rate on Facebook and Twitter. As a social media agency in Manchester that offers marketing services to meet your business’ objectives, we hope this post gives you a head start with your strategy!

Ground Force team

Boost your engagement rate on social media by improving accessibility

Today, I prefer to watch any TV programme with the subtitles on, even though I can hear. It means I don’t ever miss anything, unless I’m browsing Twitter or Facebook at the same time as watching TV (which is becoming more common). Unsurprisingly then, I think all video content – no matter what device it’s being viewed on – offers more value to people when it’s silence-friendly (i.e. when it includes subtitles).

Subtitles not only make your content more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, they also allow hearing viewers the added benefit of being able to watch (and understand) your video with the sound off. If you take a look at e4’s Facebook page, you’ll find hundreds of video clips with subtitles.

If you’re still not convinced, you should probably know that as much as 85% percent of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off.

As much as 85% of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off. #socialmedia Click To Tweet

More people are accessing social media networks like Instagram and Twitter on the move and in public places, so, to avoid appearing ill-mannered and attracting unwanted attention, many viewers are watching your videos silently.

Even if your video is lucky enough to pique the curiosity of one person without sound or subtitles, they’re still likely to keep scrolling before long.Social media networking

The moral of the story: Unless you know something we don’t, subtitles are a bright idea for increasing social media engagement. Seriously, if your videos don’t have subtitles, your content will never get the attention it deserves.

So, how else can you boost your performance on social media networks?


Encourage your audience to engage with games

As a business owner, it’s expected that you want to know what your return on investment will be with any given social media strategy (we measure and report back on everything so you know exactly what’s being accomplished). However, it’s important to remember that social media platforms are a place where people go to unwind, be social, and have fun.

In order to increase your engagement rate (and consequently your conversion rate), you should put some time aside to developing creative ideas. Games (no matter how simple or complex) actively encourage engagement, and are more likely to be shared over, say, a product image that links to your eCommerce website.

Entertain your audience, and they’ll come back to be entertained again. As a result, they’ll be more likely to shop with you too. What games you share depends on your audience – they might be family-friendly (like the Morrisons example below), or be more challenging.

Morrison game on Twitter

With 180 retweets and 664 replies, this tweet by UK supermarket, Morrisons, is a perfect example of how simple games can boost engagement on social media. It’s easy to play and there’s even the chance to win a £50 voucher, which further encourages people to participate.

Quizzes, competitions and easy games all tend to work well, so be imaginative!

Create more visual contentOh really?

Lengthy Facebook posts and tweets without images are fine, but they run the risk of being ignored; videos, images and GIFs, on the other hand, help your messages stand out amongst all the noise (they don’t always need to be cats).

There are lots of free image tools available to create your own graphics and visually engaging content, from Pablo and Freepik, to image resizing tools such as Landscape.

Ask (and answer) questions

They aren’t called social networking sites for nowt! As a brand, you need to make an effort to stimulate conversations and talk directly to customers, and that means asking questions.

Whether it’s World Philosophy Day and you feel like asking the big questions, or International Happiness Day and you just want to know what makes people happiest, it’s up to you!

You could use Facebook Live to answer customers’ questions, or use it to give them an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

Facebook Live

Remember, on Facebook and Twitter, you can ‘@’ other pages, events and businesses. If you think it will be of interest to your audience, mention it!

Advertise directly to specific audiences with Facebook ads

Facebook advertising has opened many doors for small businesses that don’t have a lot to spend on their marketing budget but want to reach certain types of people.

With Facebook ads, you can directly target audiences that share the same demographics as your customers. This is useful if your products or services are only relevant to some of the population. If your business only offers services to clients in Manchester, you can save by only using your advertising budget on people who live in Manchester. Or, if you sell women’s clothing online, advertising to men probably won’t bring much success.

You can even include or exclude people from seeing your ad based on their interests or pages they engage with. Learn more about Facebook targeting for business here.

Ready to engage your audience? Call us for social media services!

Ready to engage your audience? Call us for social media services!

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