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#BrainVsAI has been trending on Twitter lately (some clever bot won a poker game for the first time ever in the US), so I wanted to take a closer look at how AI could change the landscape of digital marketing. It’s been a while since I did any research into artificial intelligence. It may just […]

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The way we interact with the web and apps has changed considerably over the last few years, and much of this is down to the evolution of web design, but that’s not all. The devices we use to access eCommerce websites and social media are now more varied than ever, forcing designers to rethink their […]

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Facebook’s ‘Disputed’ News Tool: Will it Help to Combat Fake News?

Fake news is fast becoming a global problem. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump’s outrage at an unverified news story that alleged he has ties with Russia put the spotlight on social media networks to act. To help tackle the problem, Facebook announced that it is incorporating a new feature across its social network, but […]

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How To Setup A Google Adwords PPC Campaign – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to do PPC for your business but don’t know where to start? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to set up your PPC account from start to finish. We will walk you through it step-by-step and explain to you the different features. Here are the different topics that we will cover […]

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5 Horrifying SEO Blunders You Shouldn’t Be Making

In case you hadn’t noticed your Twitter feed already, it’s Halloween! To celebrate, and to help increase your organic search traffic, we thought we’d uncover 5 SEO mistakes that can have a catastrophic impact on your search engine rankings. These blunders are easy to miss, but luckily, they’re not so hard to fix. Have a […]

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What’s The Most Important Digital Marketing Service?

Feeling confused about where to start with marketing your business online? We hear you! Believe it or not, we weren’t always industry experts, so we know how baffling the digital marketing world can be. In this guide we’ll decipher some marketing buzzwords and help you to determine which services will be most useful to you. […]

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Get Customers To Come Back: 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Improve Loyalty

If customer loyalty is keeping you awake at night, you’re in the right place. As a digital marketing agency in Manchester, we’d love to harp on about how SEO, Google AdWords and other online marketing strategies will solve all your problems, but that wouldn’t be entirely honest. Truth is, since your competitor’s are a mere […]

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Tone Of Voice Guidelines: Is Your Business An Espresso Or A Latte?

Sipping a freshly-brewed coffee whilst looking out across Manchester’s skyline, we got to thinking about the importance of brand voice. Developing a distinct tone of voice for your brand isn’t exactly easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile putting some thought into. Without some kind of tone of voice guidelines, your website and social media platforms won’t […]

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At Last! 5 Business Benefits of the New Twitter Update

Calling all engagement managers, social media marketers and business gurus! Do you use Twitter for Business? If so, we have exciting news about the social platform that we think you’ll love. Today, Twitter introduced a few changes that will undoubtedly change the way you tweet and communicate with followers (we think for the better!). Read […]

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