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Posted by James Ashby

Facebook’s Newsfeed Change, And How It Will Effect Your Business

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced big changes to the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm that affects the type of information and posts that appear on your newsfeed. This change will have a dramatic effect on the way users of the platform receive and communicate information across the entire social network. But what does this mean in practice? And what can you expect as both a user and a business that operates on Facebook in the coming months?

Why The Change?

Firstly, Zuckerberg has said that he wants to replace the emphasis on your Facebook feed – prioritising posts from family members and friends over the proliferation of news articles and business marketing that have become the norm in recent years. In doing so, he hopes to reinstate Facebook as a social networking site ‘helping you find more relevant content’ that could lead to more ‘meaningful interactions between people’.

On top of this, Zuckerberg highlighted in a Facebook post a ‘responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being’. Underlying here is the notion that our social media obsession can have a lasting effect on personal and social health.

In essence, the Facebook newsfeed change will push for a more personalised newsfeed that brings you closer to those that matter and further away from businesses. Of course, this seems great for the average user but not so great for those businesses that utilise Facebook as a marketing tool for their products and services.

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Nevertheless, Whilst Zuckerberg is certainly pushing for a more user-friendly approach to the social feed there are other elements at play that could contribute to the reason for change and could, in turn, have a massive impact on your business.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Facebook have been closely monitoring the success of its own paid advertising system as well as the continued growth and success of Google Adwords (which accounts for over 98% of all revenue generated). With Facebook investing in advertising support, including in-house assistance and qualifications, it is not a huge jump to assume that this is the direction it will be looking to take in the future. After all, Facebook will only get paid once you’ve paid them!

How will the Facebook change affect me if…

My business only does Organic content on Facebook

Businesses and advertisers are going to find it increasingly more difficult to find their way into user’s newsfeeds organically. Whilst the full impact of this can’t be known just yet, it is safe to say that less views of your content is going to mean less shares/interactions which will have an effect on those much desired conversions.

That is not to say that organic content needs to be ignored, just that businesses should begin to think of implementing paid social in their marketing strategies for 2018 in an increasingly competitive social network.

My business uses paid social advertising on Facebook

Congratulations, you’ve obviously already cracked the nut to some extent. Facebook, and indeed Instagram alike, will be focusing predominantly on paid social advertising as a means for companies to find their way onto social feeds across the network.

As such, businesses will have a much more limited scope to market their products in this way. With a lot more companies fighting for a lot less space, advertisers might have to expect to pay a bit more for their adverts to appear in user’s feeds.

How will it be implemented?      

Are we going to start seeing drastic change instantly, or will we see a more gradual introduction over the next year? As always, there are 2 ends to the spectrum and at this point no one knows entirely how much of an impact this change is going to have initially.

What we do know for certain however, is that Facebook is going to begin monitoring users interactions with posts more closely in order to determine which content is relevant content. Don’t be surprised then, if Facebook are able to use this personal information in order to develop more personal advertisements and marketing strategies in the future.

Is your business ready for the social change?

Not sure if you’re ready to tackle the Facebook change alone? If you need some help with your Social Media advertising strategy for 2018, or just want to learn a little more about the change our expert team here at Coffeepot Digital will be glad to lend an ear! Catch us on 0161 236 0390 or send us a message to:



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