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Subtitled Facebook videos and other smart ways to increase social media engagement

I grew up watching films and TV shows with the subtitles on. My Dad is profoundly deaf so, if somebody mistakenly brought home a videotape or a DVD that didn’t have subtitles, the whole family had to watch something else instead (usually Ground Force if it was a Sunday). This occasionally led to doors being […]

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An eCommerce Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

SEO for eCommerce Websites

Numerous studies have confirmed a high Google search position can make all the difference to your eCommerce website’s success, but how do you rank at the top of Google search for highly competitive key search terms and phrases? If you’ve ever asked yourself (or an SEO specialist) that question, you’re probably already aware of the […]

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Dear business owner, is your PPC campaign optimised for mobile?

Mobile PPC Optimisation

More people than ever are ditching their desktop computers to access the web, so if your website and PPC campaign is not yet optimised for mobile, it’s time it was! As eCommerce sites and social media networks become increasingly easy-to-use on smartphones and tablets, more people are shopping on the move. But how do you […]

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Are the bricks of your digital marketing strategy close to collapsing?


Late last night, a wall adjacent to the main lines in and out of Liverpool Lime St station (where I disembarked for a little shopping therapy over the weekend) collapsed, leaving thousands of customers reliant on the service searching for alternative routes for several days (or even weeks, according to an engineer). Currently no trains […]

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How to Write Potent Ad Copy for PPC [Infographic]

How To Write PPC Ad Copy

Writing copy for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is something that took me a little while to get my head around, but it’s really nothing to be scared of. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are with paid search marketing, if you want to create successful AdWords campaigns, you’d better brush up on your copywriting knowledge! Fortunately […]

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9 Ways To Keep Writing Fresh Content for Your Business Website

Business blog

When was the last time you started writing a blog post for your website, only to lose confidence halfway through and hit the ‘save draft’ button instead of ‘publish’? We are a digital marketing agency in Manchester, and in this post, we’ll look at ways you can keep writing brilliant, fresh content for your business […]

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Billions of people around the world tap into their laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled devices to access and communicate on the internet every day. There are more businesses than ever trading solely online, and, unless we’ve set our profiles to private, our whole lives can be scrutinised on social media. Side Note: Have you been […]

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Machine brain

#BrainVsAI has been trending on Twitter lately (some clever bot won a poker game for the first time ever in the US), so I wanted to take a closer look at how AI could change the landscape of digital marketing. It’s been a while since I did any research into artificial intelligence. It may just […]

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The way we interact with the web and apps has changed considerably over the last few years, and much of this is down to the evolution of web design, but that’s not all. The devices we use to access eCommerce websites and social media are now more varied than ever, forcing designers to rethink their […]

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Facebook’s ‘Disputed’ News Tool: Will it Help to Combat Fake News?

Fake news is fast becoming a global problem. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump’s outrage at an unverified news story that alleged he has ties with Russia put the spotlight on social media networks to act. To help tackle the problem, Facebook announced that it is incorporating a new feature across its social network, but […]

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