About us

So…Who are we?

Founded in January 2013 by Managing Director David Taylor, Coffeepot Digital is a Manchester-born digital marketing agency with a difference.

From the very beginning, we knew that to grow and succeed in an increasingly crowded marketplace, we needed to stand out from the crowd and catch your attention. We understood that in order to be successful, we needed to build a strong agency brand that delivered more than just buzzwords and empty promises (as so many young agencies out there do); we needed to speak frankly and provide our clients with real-world advice that gave their business an edge over their competitors.

We aren’t digital marketers first and foremost, we’re savvy business people. Put simply, we’re an online marketing agency in Manchester that combines the latest white-hat digital marketing techniques with good business sense to help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors, providing first-class digital solutions to your marketing woes.

Meet the team

Our people are our greatest asset, and whilst we all share a common set of core values and passion for internet marketing, each one of our team members brings a unique skill to the table. All specialists in our fields, our goal is simple: provide expert digital marketing in Manchester to enable your business to grow.

David Taylor: Managing Director

David is the founder and brains behind Coffeepot Digital. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, he leads the Manchester team to deliver strategies and implementation plans that optimise return on client investment, value and results.

David has worked both in agency and in-house roles, and has built his career on understanding what makes businesses successful in the digital world. He has spoken at key internet marketing conferences (such as MeasureFest, where he spoke about conversion tracking with IFTTT), and is a regular attendee at eCommerce and digital marketing events across the UK.

He is a passionate cook, keen cyclist and, if you hadn’t guessed already, he has a slight obsession with coffee.

What he’s awesome at: Technical SEO, Web Development, Coding and CRO

Katherine Fahey: Content and Social Media Executive

Our newest member and writer, Katherine is the team’s Content and Social Media Executive.

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Katherine gained extensive knowledge of advertising writing and social media marketing working as an SEO Copywriter in Greater Manchester. She’s worked with both start-up and global brands, developing creative ideas and implementing content strategies to strengthen customer relationships and build brand awareness.

A self-professed daydreamer, Katherine has an outrageous eye for detail, is fascinated by psychology and adores Thai food.

What she’s awesome at: SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing, Creative Social Media Campaigns

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